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Logan Turnpike
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Trail Length: 4.0 miles Type of trail: In and out
County: White County, GA, Union County, GA Our rating:
Features: stream, historic, ATaccess Your rating:
Usage: Light Added on: May 18, 1995
Last hiked: June 10, 2014 Updated on: July 06, 2014
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Directions to Logan Turnpike

Logan's Turnpike provides access to the Appalachian Trail at Tesnatee Gap.

Following a turnpike to the gap, the road parallels Town Creek for most of the journey. A historical marker, on the approach road to the trailhead, designates the tollkeeper's house.

Picture of Logans Turnpike
Logan Turnpike
Photo: Katherine Logan (c) 1993
Courtesy The Logan Letter
This trail parallels Towns Creek and follows an upgraded portion of the abandoned road for approximately 1 mile and is easy hiking. The remaining mile of the footpath is in an unimproved state and is strenuous. The trail terminates at the Appalachian Trail and offers a good view of a cove drainage basin. It is interesting to follow the formation of Towns Creek near the path. At the end of the steep part of the trail watch the forest for tiny rivulets. As you continue down the path, they run together and form a small stream near the path.

In 1997 About North Georgia editors voted Frank Logan as one of Influential people in the development of today's North Georgia.

Built in 1821, the road was used mostly to transport food to markets south of Tesnatee Gap, although it was part of a much longer road that ran from Athens, Tennessee. Although Union Turnpike, as it was known then, was shorter, most travelers took the Federal Highway for reasons of safety and time. The Blue Ridge Mountains slowed the journey, and Cherokee and white relations in the area were strained.

When automobiles became popular the road served them as well, although it was uncommon to see a car with less than 3 men in it, one to drive and two to push through the mud. Cars rarely made it over the top because the hill was so steep that the gravity fed fuel system would not function. To solve this problem, cars would be backed over the hill.

Logan Turnpike ends at the Tesnatee Gap parking area on the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway. At this point turn around and retrace your steps to the car.


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