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Trails of Kennesaw Mountain
Georgia Trails

Kennesaw Mountain | Park | Battles | Commanders
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Trails of Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain Trail
Kennesaw Mountain Road
Burnt Hickory Loop
Cheatham Hill Connector
Cheatham Hill Loop
Kolb's Farm Loop

The entire 8-mile length of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is covered by well-maintained and medium to heavily used trails. The most popular trail, the paved road to the top of Kennesaw Mountain has a number of long distance views. It is closed to motor vehicles on weekends. Instead, a bus travels to the top of the mountain and back to the visitors center every half-hour.

Although the park lists 17.3 miles of trails, there are actually more, frequently paths created by hikers. Since much of the area is covered by fragile entrenchments, our recommendation is to stay on the marked paths. If no marker exists, it probably isn't a path. All legitimate paths are well-marked with easily-spotted signs in most areas.

The first leg of the loop is Kennesaw Mountain Trail. It climbs Kennesaw Mountain in a series of three switchbacks over 1.1 miles from the base of the mountain near the visitor's center to a parking lot near the top of the mountain. Along the way are entrenchments, an old road, and two spectacular views. At the parking lot the Georgia Memorial honors the generals from Georgia who fought in the Civil War. The trail continues past the memorial to a series of cannon atop Kennesaw.

The Burnt Hickory Loop, which includes Mountaintop Trail, is a steep, strenuous trail. From the top of Kennesaw, the trail continues almost due south to Burnt Hickory Road. It also climbs Little Kennesaw and Pigeon Hill, both of which contain rocky, root-bound trail sections and occasional views into the Etowah River valley.

Just before Burnt Hickory Road a trail to the right takes you around to the east side of Pigeon Hill. This trail then intersects with the Cheatham Hill Connector. To return to the Visitor's Center, turn right.

The Cheatham Hill Connector has a number of different trails on the north side of John Ward Creek, but the path essentially runs from the parking area at Burnt Hickory Road to the Cheatham Hill Loop. The path features a wide variety of plant and animal life as it descends to and crosses the creek then rises to open fields at or near the top of a low ridge that runs along the southern end of the trail. The southern end of the connector is not a loop, and the same path must be walked both ways. The Dallas Highway is a heavily traveled road. Please use great caution (and patience) in crossing. South of Dallas Highway the connector passes a number of interesting sights (for more information please see the Tour page).

Cheatham Hill Loop was the center of fighting on June 27, 1864. Forced into a stalemate (or so he thought), William Tecumseh Sherman ordered a frontal assault on the Confederate line in this area. It was one of the worst disasters of the Atlanta Campaign. Just over a mile, including side paths, the trail is heavily used and parking is a problem on weekends.

South of Cheatham Hill is an easy loop, just under 6 miles long that takes you through rolling hills to Kolb's Farm Loop. Built in 1836 by Peter Kolb, the farmhouse has been restored to its original style. The house itself is a residence and cannot be visited. On the western side of the loop songbirds now fill the air where Rebels under the command of John Bell Hood attacked Hooker's XX Corps on June 22, 1864
All these trails can be combined into a 17.3 mile loop, although we do not recommend attempting this loop in a single day, since camping is not allowed in the park (strictly enforced).

Spring is an exceptional time at Kennesaw Mountain. For more on the wildflowers that make it so, visit Dr. Mary Coeli Meyer's Spring on Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain | Park | Battles | Commanders
Trails | Park Tour | Attractions


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