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Pam and Randy Golden
Georgia Trails

Your Hosts:Pam and Randy Golden

GeorgiaTrails co-publisher Pam Golden inspects La Mina Falls at El Yunque in Puerto Rico
Trailmasters Randy and Pam Golden wrote two book on hiking in Georgia, 60 Hikes within 60 Miles:Atlanta and Easy Hikes Close to Home. Randy is also publisher of the critically acclaimed web site About North Georgia and President of Golden Ink, a Woodstock-based Internet consulting service. He has been writing professionally since 1973 and hiking in the North Georgia mountains since 1982. With nearly 100,000 pages downloaded from GeorgiaTrails every month, Randy is one of the most popular outdoors writers in the nation. However, his first love is--

Pam Golden is a CPA who graduated magna cum laude from Georgia State and works as a consultant with companies in the Atlanta area. She and Randy were married in 1977 and during their 30+ years of marriage Pam has joined Randy hiking across the nation and into Canada. Among their favorite foreign destinations are Puerto Rico and Australia.

If you ran into Pam and Randy on the trail before 2002 you are more than likely to meet their two constant companions, Taylor and Scout. Scout was a half-lab female who passed away that year. Taylor, a pure-bred female Labrador Retriever continued hiking with Randy and Pam until she passed away in 2005. At 13 years, Taylor hiked almost every trail in the first edition of 60 Hikes Atlanta.

These days their companion is Bessie, a female lab-beagle mix.

Updating the site

Each weekend Randy and Pam select trails in an area of North Georgia to explore and normally hike between five and seven miles on any given day. During the hike they make personal notes about various aspects of the hike.

If the trail already exists in the extensive GeorgiaTrails database the information is updated and any major changes are noted. If the trail is new, Randy draws up a rough outline of the trail highlights and then sits down with Pam and reviews the draft. Together they add details that each found interesting. The final copy is then added to the database. Once a quarter the search engines are updated with new trails.

Trails new to the database frequently require more than a single trek, for a number of reasons. An important photograph may not turn out, or there may be a disagreement on an aspect or the rating of the trail. Sometimes, walking the trail a second time changes one or two of the major points that Randy highlights in his write-up.

All in all, GeorgiaTrails is a family project. We hope you enjoy the site.

Scout, trail leaderTaylor, a.k.a Pokey or Chunky Gal
Scout and Taylor
On August 30, 2002, GeorgiaTrails.com lost Scout, team member, trail leader and beloved companion. Scout.

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