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Old Roswell Mill
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Trail Length: 2.0 miles Type of trail: In and out
County: Fulton County, GA Our rating: E
Features: river, historic, family Your rating:
Usage: Medium Added on: July 31, 2010
Last hiked: January 25, 2011 Updated on: September 11, 2011
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Directions to Old Roswell Mill


Old Mill Park path looking toward Roswell Mill
Beginning in 2004, when the city of Roswell added a covered bridge to access the federal land on the other side of Vickery Creek, Old Mill Park has been completely redone with everything from a new entrance at Roswell Mill to new interpretive signs, decking and removal of that scourge of the South, kudzu. When the mill was founded, Roswell was part of Cobb County. It was ceded to Fulton County in 1932 when Milton County and Fulton County merged because the two counties were not contiguous.

Roswell Mill

Now a commercial center, Roswell Mill is the 1882 incarnation of a cotton mill in downtown Roswell, Georgia and serves as the parking area for Old Mill Park. The original Roswell Mill (1839) was located near the entrance to the covered bridge. The machine shop and blacksmith shop were nearby to power the mill using an "endless belt" system for power transmission from a nearby millpond on Vickery (Big) Creek, a tributary of the Chattahoochee River. Nearby housing, known as the Bricks, provided shelter for workers.

In 1853 a larger dam was constructed upstream, along with a new machine shop. Because the river valley was deeper, the machine shop took on a vertical orientation. When General William Tecumseh Sherman took the town during the Atlanta Campaign he ordered the workers removed to Marietta, Georgia, where they were removed to the Louisville Womens Prison, then under the command of Mary Edwards Walker. Walker turned the workers loose in Indiana and Ohio, once she felt they did not pose a threat to the United States. Some eventually returned to the Roswell area.

In 1882 the current mill (now the commercial center known as Roswell Mill) was built and eventually expanded. The endless belt system of power generation was replaced at the turn of the century and the mill, bought by Southern Mills (now Tencate) in 1947 continued in use until 1975.

Roswell Mill Hike

From the entrance the paved trail bears left, then makes a hard right turn as it drops to the entrance to the new covered bridge. The bridge, constructed from sturdy Oregon Douglas fir, spans the river downstream from the original 1839 millpond. The site of the 1839 mill is slightly downstream from the mill and will be visible when the kudzu eradication project currently underway in the park has been completed. Take a minute to cross the bridge and explore the Vickery Creek Unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

Return to the brick building adjacent to the covered bridge. This building housed the machine shop for the 1882 mill. Adjacent to the machine shop was a blacksmith shop. When metal parts of the machines broke, they could be repaired in the machine shop. After passing the machine shop and blacksmith shop the trail rises easily, joining the return trail to the parking lot about halfway to the 1853 mill.

Heading straight towards the power room, the path allows a close-up view before climbing over the structure and returning to allow a view into the far side of the power room. At the top of the steps is the location where the original trail to Old Roswell Mill. A heavy gauge metal millrace defines the trail to a step-over of the water pipe that now runs through the site of the mill. After crossing, continue to the left, climbing to a overlook of the 1853 dam that created the power to drive the mill.

Looking at the face of the millpond dam look to the left side near the top of the dam. This is the start of the millrace that brought the water to the mill, driving the mill. On top of the dam are two supports that were used for a bridge. Continue up to explore the millpond area before turning around and returning to your car.

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