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Minnehaha Falls
Georgia Trails

Trail Length: 1.2 miles Type of trail: In and out
County: Rabun County, GA Our rating: E
Features: waterfalls Your rating:
Usage: Medium Added on: October 12, 2005
Last hiked: October 08, 2005 Updated on: December 18, 2010
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Directions to Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls
Minnehaha Falls
Author Brian Boyd considers Minnehaha Falls to be the best waterfall in Rabun County. The 60-foot high falls widens as it quickly cascades in 3-5 foot increments to a wide pool at its base. Minnehaha Falls is buried in a wide, steep-sided cove packed with rhododendron, making this an exceptionally beautiful hike in mid-to-late May, when the rhododendron bloom. This falls trail, which is run by the Forest Service, should not be confused with Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota, which is in a park run by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. When Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote about Minnehaha, he meant the falls in this 53-foot waterfall in a 193 acre with limestone bluffs and river overlooks.

Minnehaha Falls entrance
Entrance to Minnehaha Falls
From the parking area, which is little more than a wide area in Bear Gap Road, the trail climbs a set of stairs with a hand-railing before turning left and entering the forest adjacent to a small creek on the right. Running along the steep-sided, rhododendron lined valley created by the creek the trail climbs until it levels. Once the trail levels, there is little change in elevation to the falls.

First falls on trail
First falls on trail
About 0.4 miles into the hike, a 10-foot high cascade should not be confused with Minnehaha Falls. A side trail leads down to the rock-lined riverbank at a couple of excellent viewing spots. Return to the main trail and turn right, continuing to the main falls. 0.2 miles later the trail and the creek run nearly level with each other and the sound of Minnehaha Falls fills the air. As you enter the small cove there is a rock sitting bench on the far end of a peninsula jutting out into the creek bed. This is a pleasant place from which to enjoy the falls.


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Minnehaha Falls
Directions to Minnehaha Falls
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