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Kennesaw Mountain Trail
Georgia Trails

Trail Length: 1.1 miles Type of trail: In and out
County: Cobb County, GA Our rating: D
Features: visitors center, scenic, historic, bathrooms, 60hikes Your rating:
Usage: Heavy Added on: January 01, 1998
Last hiked: October 10, 2012 Updated on: September 26, 2013
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Directions to Kennesaw Mountain Trail


This interpreted trail climbs from behind the visitors center at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to the top of Kennesaw Mountain. The trail is steep throughout, only occasionally broken by a brief, level stretch of terrain. Because of the steep grade and the rocky nature of the trail, we rate this difficult.

From the parking lot walk towards the opposite end of the parking lot from the entrance. This is Kennesaw Mountain Road. In less than 0.1 miles a white walkway in the road leads to the trailhead. The compacted clay/dirt trail immediately begins to climb as it takes you into the woods. The trail climbs almost 100 feet for every 0.1 miles.

Kennesaw Mountain Trail originally featured interpreted points of interest, numbered 1 thru 8 from the start of the trail. The marking signs are gone, but the mileage is noted from the start of the Kennesaw Mountain Trail.
  • Rifle Pits - .1 mile
    To prevent the main line from coming under a surprise attack, these rifle pits were dug before Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. On June_27, 1864, the day of the battle, they were manned by the 1st Alabama Regiment. Although the sign calls the maneuver a feint, and others call it a demonstration, the force was actually probing the Kennesaw Mountain lines for weakness. General William Tecumseh Sherman was prepared to heavily reinforce the troops if any weaknesses were discovered.
  • Mountain springs - .2 mile
    The springs on Kennesaw Mountain were the source of Marietta's first tourist boom in the 1840's. A man known as Dr. Cox promoted the "healthy waters" as a cure-all. Georgians from the coast would stop at his inn. Although they probably came to get away from the stifling heat of the bug-infested coast, Dr. Cox's cure did become renown. The springs continue for about 100 feet here and you will see more, especially on the paved road to the top. (Note: Drinking the water today is unsafe)
The path now turns right on a dirt road.

  • Original Road - .4 mile
    To see the road, face the sign and look at a 45 degree angle to the right. Then turn around and look about 45 degrees to the left. The bank of the present road destroyed some of the historic road. This road ran to a scenic view about .7 miles up the trail.
  • Trenches - .5 mile
    The trench can easily be spotted by looking for a small creek-like ravine running straight at an angle to the road. This is a portion of the trench that the road switches back on a number of times.
  • Scenic overlook - .7 mile
    This overlook was a popular spot frequented by the Marietta elite. Here a side trail to the left leads to a short loop that has an sweeping vista to the Chattahoochee River Valley. The original road ends here, however the men assigned to the Confederate artillery built a road to the top. Portions of the original road and the road to the top are visible on the right side of the path as you ascend the mountain (The best time to see them is winter).
As you continue climbing the path becomes paved. A few short steps brings you to the upper parking lot.
  • Georgia Overlook - 1.0 mile
    This memorial, dedicated to the generals from the state, was completely refurbished in 1998. A plaque at the top shows each of the mountains visible from the platform.
  • Gun embankment - 1.0 mile
    One of the few remaining original artillery earthworks, this and the others along this path were used by the Confederates to fire on the Federals below them.
  • Signal Platform - 1.1 miles
    A complex signaling system was used to avoid the available telegraph since Confederate sympathizers would frequently cut the wires or listen in. It was from this platform that the Signal Corps sent word to General Corse in Rome to move to Allatoona Pass and fortify that position.
This marks the end of the Mountaintop Trail, but the Burnt Hickory Loop continues across Little Kennesaw Mountain and Pigeon Hill before returning to the visitors center.


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