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Disney Trail
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Trail Length: 2.4 miles Type of trail: In and out
County: Whitfield County, GA Our rating: D
Features: scenic, historic Your rating:
Usage: Light Added on: August 24, 2001
Last hiked: June 23, 2012 Updated on: September 27, 2015
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This steep trail is the most challenging trail in northwest Georgia, and the most challenging short trail in the state. It ascends Rocky Face, a mountain west of Dalton, Georgia (History of Dalton, Georgia) and site of fighting from May 8 - 10, 1864 (Battle of Dalton). The trail gets its name from the grave of George Disney at the end of the hike.

Part of the proposed Rocky Face Trail System, the Disney Trail will permit access to the north end of the mountain which the Army of Tennessee [CS] defended during the American Civil War. On May 8, 1864, men under the command of William Tecumseh Sherman were advancing on the lines of the Confederate Army, entrenched along the ridge. Battles raged for two days in both Dug Gap and Mill Creek Gap. Fighting came to an end when Sherman successfully outflanked his opponent, George Disney's graveA short, sharp climb at the trailhead carries you to a level historic road the follows the curve of the mountain towards Mill Creek Gap. The Disney Trail turns right and climbs some very old stone steps at .4 miles. From this point on the trail makes a steep ascent to the top of Rocky Face Ridge and Disney's grave. About half-way up the trail becomes steeper and switches back several times. The grave is located at the top of the mountain at the present end of the Disney Trail.

Once you have finished hiking the Disney Trail you can access another 6 miles of trails that have been marked but are not yet developed. These trails take you along the ridgetop to the Hardee Trail that begins at Dug Gap Park. A Palisades Trail comes off this trail to the right. Stunning views of the Ridge and Valley Section of northwest Georgia accentuate this trail.

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Disney Trail
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Battle of Dalton
George Disney's grave
Joseph E. Johnston, forcing him to withdraw.

In 1912 the grave of Disney was discovered by Boy Scouts who had hiked to the top of the mountain. The scoutmaster made a project of restoring the grave and providing access to the site. For more than 80 years the Disney Trail has been used by area residents to climb Rocky Face, making the trail one of the oldest in the state of Georgia, pre-dating the [[Appalachian Trail

William Tecumseh Sherman

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