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Chattahoochee Nature Center
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Trail Length: 2.0 miles Type of trail: Loop
County: Fulton County, GA Our rating: Moderate
Features: visitors center, river, lake, bathrooms, 60hikes Your rating:
Usage: Heavy Added on: October 19, 2012
Last hiked: April 12, 2013 Updated on: September 01, 2013
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Directions to Chattahoochee Nature Center

One of our favorite, reasonably priced hiking areas is the Chattahoochee Nature Center off Willeo Road in Roswell. In 2008 the center opened the Discovery Center, which replaced the original entrance, now a part of the administration building. Down a short set of steps at the east end of the parking lot, the Discovery Center houses admissions, a gift shop and a series of exhibits about the river environment, ecology and watershed health.

After paying the entrance fee we visited with a staff member to learn about the creation of the environmentally friendly structure was certified as a Gold LEED shortly after its completion in 2008. Showing us the rooftop from "Green" terrace we saw a bevy of native plants in a xeriscape design intended to capture and use water that falls on the roof! From the terrace we could also see the Ben Brady Lakeside Pavilion, used for student programs and community rentals.

The six trails within the center are the River Boardwalk Trail, the Forest Trail, the Homestead Trail, Kingfisher Pond Trail, Beaver Pond trail and the Stone Cabin Trail. Maps are provided to the trails with a paid admission. The first trail for us is the River Boardwalk, which takes hikers on a loop around an island in the Bull Sluice/Morgan Falls Reservoir on the Chattahoochee River. Waterfowl abound, including larger birds like ospreys. Smaller waterfowl ranging from herons to egrets are frequent visitors.

The trail crosses busy Willeo Road at a traffic light, so be certain to wait for the red light, then check and make sure cars are stopping. Once back across the road Georgia's Living wetlands are off to the right, connecting the River boardwalk to the Forest, Homestead and Kingfisher Pond Trail. As you pass through the native plant garden in the Living Wetlands the Kingfisher Pond trail is a hard left, the Homestead Trail is the center trail and the Forest trail is on the right.


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Chattahoochee Nature Center
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